VCCS Paul Lee Workshop Mini-Grant Application


Designed for support of workshops, in-service activities, and conferences involving at least two or more VCCS Colleges in the planning and implementation.


  1. Applications are to be submitted online. We recommend that you use the  PD Workshop Mini-grant Template (which contains all of the questions on the online form) as a working document when collaborating with colleagues in writing the proposal. You may then cut and paste the text from the working document into the online submission form.

  2. Print the application cover page, obtain all necessary signatures, scan and send via email to Nancy Harris, by 5:00 p.m. EST on the due date.


1.  First Name:       

2.  Last Name:       

3a. College:          

3b. College Mailing Address:

4.  Email:              


College No. 1

5.  Applicant Name:        

6 College:          

7.  Email:              

College No. 2

8.  Applicant Name:        

9.  College:          

10.  Email:              

11.  Title of Proposal:                   

12.  Program Format: Check all that apply

roundtable discussion
other  Please Describe: 

13.  Abstract of Proposed activity: (50 words/400 character maximum)


14.  Goals and objectives of this activity:


15.  Anticipated outcomes and benefits of the proposed activity. Describe who will benefit and how.  Include other VCCS colleges that will be invited to or involved with the activity:


16.  Detailed agenda for the proposed activity:


17.  Name and background of all presenters/speakers, if different from question #1, #5, and #8.


18.  Assessment: Work with your Office of Institutional Research to develop detailed assessment plans (e.g. websurveys, number of employees and colleges served, event outcomes) that are tied to your goals and objectives from #14 above.



19. Provide the following information - Meals, lodging and travel costs must align with Virginia State travel policies.

Budget Item


How was the Cost Derived?

College/Other  Contribution

Mini-grant Request

Speaker's Honorarium




Speaker's Expenses




Conference Supplies




Conference Meals and Refreshments








Total Budget Request


20.  Expected number of participants is: (This number should align with with the proposed budget).

21.  Include additional budget information/comments here. Be sure to describe any costs listed as "other":


Upon submitting the form, a confirmation page, including all the submitted data will appear.  Please print out the confirmation page. 
If you realize you have made an error on your form after hitting the submit button, please contact Nancy Harris at