VCCS Paul Lee Professional Development Grant Application


  1. Applications are to be submitted online. We recommend that you use the Professional Development Grant Proposal Template (which contains all of the questions on the online form) as a working document when collaborating with colleagues in writing the proposal. You may then cut and paste the text from the working document onto the online submission form.

  2. Your application should not include your name or the name of your college except for the scanned and emailed application cover page.  The contact information in the form is used for administration purposes only and will be excluded from the review process.

  3. Your application is not considered complete until the PD Grant Application Cover Page is received at the System Office. The PD Grant Application Cover Page (which is to be emailed as a PDF to the PD Office when the online application is submitted) requires endorsement signatures from the applicant, co-applicant (if appropriate), dean/supervisor and vice president/provost.  Some VCCS colleges also require processing of professional development grants through the college's grant office. Be sure to allow sufficient time for these steps. The Cover Page is used for administrative purposes and is not included when your grant is evaluated. Cover page and application must arrive by 5:00 pm EST on the application deadline date for the applicable semester.

CONTACT INFORMATION (for System use only)

First Name:   

Last Name:     



College mailing address:     


1. Title of the professional development project:
(Repeat same title on the cover page of your proposal.)


2. Abstract of the professional development project:
(Write a brief abstract or summary of the purpose and contents of your proposal in 100 words or less. Do not include information that does not appear in the body of your proposal.)


3. Statement of problem, purpose, and rationale of professional development project:
(Discuss  the background leading to your proposed project, your major research question(s), how you propose to answer the question(s) or solve the problem(s), and the rationale. Limit response to 400 words or less.)


4. Methodology:
(Specify the steps involved in your project and include a projected timeline of activities. Be certain that the methodology justifies your proposed budget. Limit response to 400 words or less.)


5. Anticipated outcomes and benefits of the professional development project:
(Specifically, who will benefit from your work and how? How will your students, your discipline, and/or your college benefit from your activity? Are there any other potential benefits for the community and/or VCCS? Be specific but brief. You may also address how the grant may help you fulfill your professional goals. Limit response to 300 words or less.)


6. Collaboration:
(Describe interaction with colleagues and offices inside and/or outside the college in the development and implementation of this project. Do not identify individuals or your college by name.
If funding or time is to be split among more than one author, please indicate in this section. Be specific but brief.)


7. Assessment of proposed professional development project:
(Describe how you will assess each of the target outcomes described in #5 above. Consult with your Office of Institutional Research to develop valid and reliable assessment plans. Limit response to 300 words or less.)


Budget, In-kind Contributions, and Dissemination of Results

1. Is this grant proposal a resubmission of a non-funded proposal? If so, please give the semester, year, and title of the proposal.

For example:
SP2009-150P-FF means a Spring 2009 professional development grant (P) numbered 150 that was fully funded (FF).
●   F2009-150P-PF means a Fall 2009 professional development grant (P) numbered 150 that was partially funded (PF).

Yes       Semester/Year:


2. Have you received a VCCS professional development grant before?
(If yes, specify semester and year, grant number and title for each grant that you have received. NOTE: Overdue final reports must be submitted before a subsequent grant award can be made.)

Yes    Semester(s)/Years(s):

Grant ID Number(s)/Title(s) 

Grant ID numbers are sent in decision letters. For example, S2008-51P-FF means a grant that was funded spring semester 2008 (S = spring, SU = summer, F = fall); 51 is the number assigned by the database; P denotes that it is a Professional Development grant; and FF that was fully funded.

3. Is this proposal a continuation of a VCCS professional development grant awarded previously?
(Answer “yes” if this proposal builds on your last VCCS professional development grant award and answer “no” if it is a new proposal. If this is a continuation proposal, the applicant is required to have previously submitted a final report to receive further funding.)


4. Is the proposal designed to supplement another type of grant?
(If you have another source of grant funding either from inside or outside the college, please indicate here. If “yes,” be specific in your budget section about how this grant award will supplement and enhance existing grant funding.)

Yes      Type of grant and funding total:

5. Please specify the dollar amount being requested for the type of funding being sought. It may be for time (5a), expenses (5b), or a combination of the two. For help in constructing your budget click link to Virginia per diem calculator. Then add 5a and 5b and put the total amount requested in 5c.

5a. Time:
(For fall/spring submission: Indicate the number of semester hours of time that you are requesting. State the total amount in the space provided by multiplying the requested hours by $750. This amount will be sent to your college to reimburse an adjunct faculty replacement, or to award to the applicant minus taxes and social security.)

(fall and spring semester only) Number of credits ($750 per credit up to 8 credit hours for adjunct replacement):

credits X $750 per credit = Total

(summer semester only) $2,500 as funding (will be awarded minus taxes & social security) 

5b. Itemization of expenses:
(Provide a cost outline that clearly supports the methodology section of your proposal. Grant money will be provided for approved reimbursable expenses only. Be specific about the dollar amount of each item requested and provide information as to how you derived the estimated cost, e.g. vendor quotes, business office estimates, catalog research, etc. The maximum award for expenses is $5000.)

Budget ItemHow was the Cost Derived?Estimated Amount

Total Reimbursement Request


5c. Total amount requested:
(Indicate the total amount of your proposal request. Total the dollar amount of funding or time in 5a and the dollar amount for expenses in 5b.

Total Proposal Request (add 5a + 5b) = $

6. Specify funding period:
(Mark to indicate the semester for which your grant application is being made. Next to the semester, enter the appropriate year. NOTE: This is not the semester in which you apply. It is the semester in which you will carry out your project.)

    Summer Semester Year: work to be done May 15 - August 15

    Fall Semester Year: work to be done August 16 - December 31

     Spring Semester Year: work to be done January 1 - May 14

7. College commitment:
(Provide a description of the college commitment only after your dean, vice president of instruction, or supervisor has reviewed and approved these items. College commitment can be demonstrated through intangible items such as leadership or collaboration and tangible items such as funding, duplication, mailing etc. Provide a cost estimate of tangible contributions, if applicable.) 

8. Personal commitment:
(Provide evidence of your personal commitment to the proposal which may include related expenses already incurred or expenses that you are willing to incur. Examples include prior experience with or work on the project, time exceeding that provided by the grant, and use of your own funds, supplies, and equipment.) 


9. Dissemination of results:
(You are strongly encouraged to share the results of your research with your students and/or with colleagues at your college, peer group meetings, local conferences, national professional association meetings, and by publication in “Inquiry – The Journal of the Virginia Community Colleges”).

I am willing to present the findings of my research grant at (Check all that apply.):

  Peer group conference

  VCCS New Horizons conference

  VCCA conference

  Inquiry: The Journal of the Virginia Community Colleges

Other (specify): 


  1. Materials developed or created while employed by the Commonwealth of Virginia are subject to Section 12, Intellectual Property, of the "VCCS Manual.” Any materials developed or created in full or in part through VCCS Professional Development Grant Awards should acknowledge the contribution of the college and the VCCS. (Refer to Section 12, “VCCS Policy Manual”).

  2. Any publication or presentation that results from a VCCS grant must include a statement that the project was funded wholly or partially through the VCCS Office of Professional Development.

  3. The decision of the committee is final.

  4. Submit this VCCS professional development grant application online by 5:00 pm EST on the deadline date. No paper or hard copies will be accepted.

  5. Scan the completed cover page with required signatures and email to Nancy Harris at by 5:00 pm EST on the deadline date.

  6. The following colleges require that you first route your proposal to their person in charge of grants:

At JSRCC, all proposals must go through the Office of Institutional Development prior to being submitted electronically. Please contact Nancy Mihalko at or (804) 523-5814 for assistance.

At NVCC, all proposals must go through the Office of Grant Development prior to being submitted. Please contract Deborah Rosen at or (703) 323-3154 for assistance.

At TCC, all proposals must go through the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs prior to being submitted electronically. Please contact Shekinnah Bush at or (757) 822-1646 for assistance.

At VWCC, all proposals must go through the Office of Grant Development and Special Projects prior to being submitted electronically. Please contract Marilyn Herbert-Ashton at or (540) 857-6372 for assistance.

Upon submitting the form, a confirmation page, including all the submitted data, will appear.  Please print out the confirmation page.
If you realize you have made an error on your form after hitting the submit button, please contact  Nancy Harris at


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